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Reality Fail 05:32
NTMY 03:33
nice to meet you. thank you, good bye don´t call us, we call you. you´ll receive your annual record. speak soon. nice to meet you. we need to catch the train, to get on the plane to the cayman islands. nice to meet you. thank you, good bye the fund is closed. the letter box company cancelled. don´t call us, we call you, but the money is gone. we need to catch the boat. it´s better offshore. thank you, good bye nice to meet you. speak soon! the last one turns off the light and shuts the door. speak soon, speak soon. nice to meet you.
Ghostfunk 04:44
i feel i´m lost.  my content vanishes. my profile disappears. is shut down for undisclosed reasons. so don´t erase your depthbuffer until my stupid face fills the entire screen. then erase, erase everything, but keep me rendering, keep me rendering…. i still outperform. frequently hit the benchmarks. high framerates make me happy. so hold me now in your electronic arms. embrace me with your deep web. so hold me now in your electronic arms, track me in all social networks. hold me now, sell my profile, publish my coordinates. i´m like a fish in the net of your horizon. so throw me a rod. but hurry up, tomorrow i will not recognize you.


After last year’s brilliant EP “Popsoap”, MKID returns with the fast-paced 4-track EP NTMY! With Ghostfunk, Reality Fail, Social Media Fiasko and NTMY, the mysterious horn-rimmed glasses and the iPad deliver four complicated but catchy and very danceable Electro bombshells. Let’s mourn our Social Media Fiasko together! And, being honest club patrons, let’s join owners of dirty money accounts, offshore bankers and conmen in dancing to NTMY!

Surprisingly, Sigi Aigner, otherwise known for the crackpot Midrange Bass and Industrial Techno companies Mussurunga and Fuckhead, is responsible for an elegant mix and eccentric sounds. The sinister crooner Didi Bruckmayr, too, harks from these wild territories, and in the track NTMY, he commits tender-voiced investment fraud or poignantly sings about his own digital Social Media Fiasco.

Powerfully mastered by mighty Patrick Pulsinger….Nice to meet you, thank you, good bye........ It´s better on the Cayman Islands!


released May 24, 2013

All tracks written and produced by Markus Weickinger
Voice & Lyric by Didi Bruckmayr. Mixdown by Mussurunga
Mastering Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studio Vienna.
Photo by David Visnjic, Photo-Artwork and Cover by Theresia Meindl.
C&P 2013 Houztekk Records / Austria, EU
Distribution worldwide dbh music, houztekk
Digital distribution by feiyr, wordandsound, bandcamp

Contact Label: Maximilian Meindl


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